TMJ Disorder

“Dr. Lee was great. I had a long standing problem with my jaw, and after my treatments by Dr. Lee it is totally handled. No pain! Thanks Dr. Lee.”
– A.P.

“I visited Dr. Lee on recommendation from my dentist first six months ago. My condition then was so painful; I could not open my jaw without feeling outrageous pain. It popped whenever I tried to chew. I had headaches all the time and felt so much misery. Thanks to Dr. Lee. He treated me by letting me know I had a bad condition – ‘TMJ’ – and made a brace-guard for me. Well worth it, I wore it every day and it slowly got better. Now today, six months later, I feel no pain. Many thanks to Dr. Lee!!


“When I came in I could not open my mouth very far. I also had a lot of pain. It hurt to chew and when I yawned…and often when I moved my mouth. After working with Dr. Lee for 3 months to improve my TMJ disorder, I have made considerable improvement. In fact it’s not really a problem anymore. I can open my mouth almost all the way. I do not have pain when eating or just moving my mouth! When I came in I thought I might need surgery. I am so glad that Dr. Lee was able to successfully help me without surgery. I am so happy.”