Dr. Jeffrey Lee is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who has been in practice since 1993. Dr. Lee specializes in implants and preprosthetic surgery. His practice offers a state-of-the-art and newly renovated facility designed to meet all patients’ needs. His team of caring and friendly dental professionals work together to provide a comfortable and pleasant patient experience.  Dr. Lee offers a variety of services including:

  • Simple and Complex Extractions (Such as Impacted Wisdom Teeth)
  • Surgically Aided Eruption Techniques and Biopsies
  • Maxillofacial Surgery and Jaw Reconstruction
  • Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting
  • I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia
  • Implants and Preprosthetic Surgery
  • Bone Grafting/Augmentation Surgery for Implant Preparation
  • Sinus Lift Surgery
  • Sleep Apnea/Snoring Treatment
  • TMJ/Facial Pain Treatment
  • Reconstructive Jaw Treatment
  • Facial/Jaw Trauma Services
  • Oral Biopsies/Pathology
  • Children’s Facial/Jaw Trauma Services
  • Tooth Reimplantation
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery